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McConnaughay spotlights every day hero, Krysia Tscherewik, Founder of Kryssage Wellness

This week, Senator McConnaughay spotlights Krysia Tscherewik, Owner and Founder of Kryssage Wellness, an innovative and alternative healthcare spa in St. Charles.

Raised in Dublin, Ireland, Tscherewik attributes much of her inspiration for her business to her Celtic heritage and upbringing. She grew up in a community with holistic healers and spiritual guides and learned at a young age how to treat ailments and stress with nutrition, meditation and energy healing. When she moved to Illinois 21 years ago, she continued her holistic practices and began studying alternative medicine and traditional nursing. 

With a mission to provide alternative healthcare and fill a gap in the medical and spa community, Tscherewik opened up Kryssage Wellness in 2011. However, her role expands far beyond ownership. She works with clients nearly every day, performing many of the spa’s key services. She is not only a licensed massage therapist, but also a certified Reiki Master—a specialist in the Japanese art of energy healing. Additionally, she has earned certifications in various other healing arts, including reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, hot stone therapy and deep tissue massage, and is currently advancing her studies in prenatal massage.

Tscherewik often tells her clients, "Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship," and are words she herself lives by.

Her incredible passion for healing and improving lives is what clients say really sets her spa apart. While Tscherewik encourages physical body wellness, she also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy mind. She provides spiritual guidance and counseling, as well as relaxation techniques to help ease the various sources of her clients’ chronic pain. To help with their emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, stress and depression, she draws on her holistic values and methods—which is the same practice she uses to foster happiness in her own life.

“Krysia really is someone who practices what they preach,” said Senator McConnaughay. “She has taken her education, experience and success in her personal health, and shared it with our community. Not everyone has the same health issues, or experiences them the same way, so it’s really beneficial to have an alternative option for those who want to explore new treatments for their physical and mental health.” 

Tscherewik has received positive attention from the community for developing advanced, natural fertility practices that have proven successful for so many struggling women. Also, outside of work, she volunteers her time at a local hospital teaching prenatal workshops to expecting mothers to promote their health as well as the baby.

Senator McConnaughay proudly recognizes Tscherewik for her innovation in health practices and abiding dedication to the wellness and long-term happiness of her clients. For more information on her practice at Kryssage Wellness, visit

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