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McConnaughay spotlights everyday hero, Johnathon Losurdo, St. Charles Police Officer

This week, Senator McConnaughay spotlights Johnathon Losurdo, St. Charles Police Officer and the 2016 recipient of the Louis Spuhler Award for outstanding police work.

Named after a retired lieutenant from the Kane County Sheriff’s office, the award is presented annually to the top police officer in the county, and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Losurdo was nominated based on his quick-thinking and life-saving action in a high-pressure incident with a civilian in March 2016.

According to St. Charles Police Chief James Keegan, Losurdo’s quick thinking and tactical life-saving training led to the rescue of a potential suicide victim.

In the stress of the moment, Losurdo acted on his instincts, which he says were instilled in him by the St. Charles Police Department. Officers complete ongoing training exercises, and go through various split-second decision making types of training in addition to practicing first aid—which can be the deciding factor between life and death of an injured or endangered victim.

“I am confident that any one of the officers at the St. Charles Police Department would have done the exact same thing as me if given the same opportunity,” said Losurdo. “I am grateful to work for such a department that has prepared me to handle these high-stress types of situations.”

Losurdo joined the police force in December of 2010 and has spent his career at the St. Charles Police Department. He was humbled and surprised to be selected as the Louis Spuhler recipient out of the 14 honorable nominees, citing that it was a high point of his career that he will never forget.

“Officer Losurdo showed bravery and quick decision-making in a crucial moment of need,” said Senator McConnaughay. “We are lucky he was there to help a member of our community overcome a potentially deadly incident—and will continue to be there for future emergency calls in our town.”

Senator McConnaughay is pleased to congratulate Officer Johnathon Losurdo on his award and thanks him for his honorable and dedicated service at the St. Charles Police Department and the St. Charles community.

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