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Senator McConnaughay recognizes Naomi’s House as ‘Human Trafficking Hero’

This week, Senator McConnaughay recognizes the organization Naomi’s House as the “Human Trafficking Hero” recipient. Naomi’s House is a faith-based organization committed to the healing of all victims of human trafficking.

“Their dedication to survivors shows a true effort to help combat this horrible exploitation of women,” said Senator McConnaughay. “It’s reassuring to see organizations such as Naomi’s House that have committed themselves to helping some of the most vulnerable, in hopes they can seek a healthy, smooth recovery.”

Naomi’s House is an extensive trauma-informed organization with expert staff to provide the hope and healing necessary for survivors to cope with the aftermath of being sexually exploited. The organization has a residential program aimed at including practical, emotional, and spiritual resources for recovery.

The team of professional staff, trauma-informed therapists, and volunteers all help in the process of giving survivors the tools necessary for life transformation.

“Naomi’s House was a response to a need that our city was facing,” said Simone Halpin, Associate Executive Director of Naomi’s House. “Most people think of human trafficking as an international issue, something that happens far away and out of sight. But the truth is, human trafficking happens on the streets of Chicago and surrounding suburbs every single day.”

As women of The Moody Church began realizing this unfortunate reality, several members of the church decided to lead a charge to open a long-term residential program that would offer a new start to women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation.

“Every day, I watch women who have gone through such traumatic experiences fight to begin a new life and work toward healing,” said Halpin. “Thank you to Senator McConnaughay for honoring Naomi’s House. The women who are in our program have rarely, if ever, been recognized for anything, so we share this honor with them. Thank you for bringing light onto this issue and believing in the dignity of women and for giving them the value they deserve.”

Senator McConnaughay acknowledges Naomi’s House and its relevance of healing survivors of sexual exploitation in combating human trafficking. More information on Naomi’s House can be found on their website at


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