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McConnaughay spotlights everyday heroes, Patrick and Robyn Flinn of the Flinn Family Chief Nurse Executive Endowed Fund

This week, Senator McConnaughay spotlights Patrick and Robyn Flinn, creators of the Flinn Family Chief Nurse Endowed Fund at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Delnor Hospital.

The fund, started this year, was created to honor and inspire those working in the nursing profession by establishing endowed chief nurse positions and supporting the nursing staff at both hospitals to allow them to pursue advanced degrees and certifications.

“Nurses are crucial and irreplaceable in the delivery of medicine,” said Robyn Flinn, a retired nurse who worked for Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. “Nurses are on the front lines every day, shaping the patients’ experiences and outcomes. So, it is the mission of nurses to ensure that every patient has the opportunity to reach his or her greatest health potential while under our care and after discharge. The responsibility is immense, and the reward is immeasurable. To be the best, we have to continually seek new knowledge, innovations and best care practices and research.”

Thanks to the Flinn fund, the nurses will have more access to the resources they need to obtain advanced degrees and specialty certifications, do research, and be more innovative in their field. Funding the staff’s advancement will not only benefit the individual nurses career growth and motivation, but it will increase the hospitals’ medical expertise offering even better patient care. 

In addition to Robyn’s vital nursing talent in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Northwestern, her husband, Patrick Flinn, is a former member of the Delnor Foundation, Cadence Health and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare boards of directors. Robyn was grateful to have received a scholarship from the Delnor Auxiliary that helped her pursue her nursing degree and wants to grant that same type of opportunity to other nurses. 

Patrick said that he and Robyn hope this gift will elevate Northwestern Hospital to the highest level of nursing leadership and quality patient care. 

“Patrick and Robyn are incredibly talented medical professionals, and I’m so thankful they have chosen to contribute their expertise and tremendous philanthropy to our community,” said McConnaughay. “The Flinn fund will transform the lives of countless nurses by granting them the gift of opportunity.”

McConnaughay is pleased to recognize the Flinn Family and thanks them for their dedication and generosity. 

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