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Dear Friends,

After months of uncertainty, Illinois has been given a short-term reprieve, gaining some much-needed stability and time for lawmakers to address some of Illinois’ ongoing issues.

One of our biggest challenges ahead will be addressing Illinois’ antiquated school funding formula.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle know that the formula is not working, failing to provide Illinois students and schools with the equitable funding that they need to best serve our children. Our schools deserve better and our students deserve more.

For all these reasons, I am looking forward to beginning work as an appointee to the recently formed Illinois School Funding Reform Commission. This bipartisan, 25-member board created by Governor Bruce Rauner is charged with working together to rewrite the state’s out-of-date school funding formula. 

As a Commission, we have been chosen to work side-by-side to identify a comprehensive solution to fix a broken and flawed formula, addressing some of the fundamental problems with education funding in Illinois.

Reform doesn’t come easy, and I know that the road ahead will be challenging. However, I am willing to rise to the challenge and I know that if we work together—prioritizing the needs of students and schools before all else—we can make a difference in the lives of our students.

Just this week, I was joined by my colleagues and leaders in education as the Governor signed legislation that once again recognizes Illinois as a leader in early childhood education. I was honored to be part of such important work.

As always, I hope you will contact me or my office with any questions or concerns you may have.


Karen McConnaughay
State Senator for the 33rd District

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